🔥🔥🔥 NEW Limited Edition JR Chewer Pack

Sale price$35.00


Unsure what your dog loves? 
Want a bit of everything? This is right for your pup !
This Chewer pack confirm will keep your fur kids entertained for quite a while. 
This trial pack is limited for those who wants to let their fur kids try something new. 
Once gone wont come back.

 Guarantee Limited Edition

Trial Pack includes:

1X Bully Stick ( 12CM )
1X Large Beef Tail (1 PC)
1X Lamb Trotters (1 Unit)
2X Rabbit ears (2pc)
1X Cow Hoof (1pc)

1X Lamb Tail ( 50-70g)
2X Braided Lamb (2 Stick)
1x Beef Air Pipe


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