Fourflax Canine Flax Seed Oil (250ml)

Best Before 31/08/2022: 250ml
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Best Before 31/08/2022

ProVida Flax Seed Oil

100% Natural Supplement 
60% Omega 3
Essential Fatty Acid
Anti-inflammatory Properties
Many Health Benefits

With 60% Omega 3, 15% Omega 6 and 15% Omega 9, Flax Seed Oil is a wonderful natural health supplement that dogs love!  Providing fantastic levels of these Essential Fatty Acids has a wide range of health benefits, and can assist with many aspects of overall health.

Flax Seed Oil can improve the health of the coat, skin, bones, joints and heart as well as the digestive, circulatory and immune systems.  What's more the coat can vastly improve in feel, shine and lustre.

Q:  Is Flax Seed Oil similar to Linseed Oil?
A:  Yes, both Flax Seed Oil and Linseed Oil come from the linseed seed, it is just a difference in terminology…. Linseed Oil is the name given to industrial grade oil (the kind you find in hardware stores to stain wood) and Flax Seed Oil is the term used for food grade oil.  Our oils meet food grade standards, hence it is termed Flax Seed Oil.


Q: What is unique about ProVida Flax Seed Oil?

A: The Canterbury Plains are offers optimal growing conditions for high quality raw material. We are proud to be based in Mid-Canterbury at the arable heart of New Zealand. Our flax seed products are all cold-pressed in small batches using the highest quality seed grown for us by local contracted farmers in our region. All flax seed products we offer are traceable back to their origin, and produced to human food grade standards using no chemicals, solvents or heat in the extraction process. 


Q:  Can Flax Seed Oil be digested by dogs?

A:  Yes it absolutely can…Dogs can digest and utilize the oil very well, in fact up to 20% of a dogs diet can be made up of fats/oils.  What cannot be digested is the raw whole linseed seed, however when the seeds have been pressed, the oil is left…this is 100% fat, 60% of which is Omega 3, one of the Essential Fatty Acids needed by the body. 


Q:  I currently feed Hemp Seed Oil to my dog, what is the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and Flax Seed Oil?

A:  Hemp Seed Oil provides high levels of Omega 6, some of which can be pro-inflammatory if fed in large quantities. Flax Seed Oil provides around 60% Omega 3, which is well documented to have anti-inflammatory properties.  All animals require a healthy balance of both of these essential fatty acids, therefore Omega 3 rich Flax Seed Oil is very good in helping to maintain this balance. 


Q:  Why should I use ProVida Flax Seed Oil instead of fish oils? 

A:  ProVida Flax Seed Oil is a natural, cold pressed, plant derived oil containing approximately 60% Omega 3, which is a significantly higher percentage than fish oils. Flax Seed Oil is palatable and does not require the addition of garlic or other flavourings to mask the taste and smell. Our Flax Seed Oils are pure and unrefined, which means they have not been bleached or you can be sure that you are feeding a 100% natural product.

Q:  What is the best way of feeding the oil to my animals, and how much should I give them?

A:  We suggest you simply pour the oil over their food. We supply plastic taps for our larger containers and the small containers have plastic pourers in the neck of the bottle. Continuity is the key, so make sure you feed the oil every day!

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