Lucidium Pen Universal Add-On Kit

SIZE: 27"
Sale price$200.00


Universal Add-on Kits are available in both 27” and 36” heights, and all colors to match our Lucidium Pens. This kit will allow you to expand your existing pen by 2 feet in one direction OR create a 2ft x 2ft Bump-out. It makes a Small pen into a Medium pen, or a Medium pen into a Large pen. You can even make a Large pen bigger. Our Universal Add-on kit allows you to grow your pen without buying an entire second pen.

Learn more about the configurations you can make with a Universal Kit here.

Each Universal Kit includes the following parts

  • (2) Wall panels
  • (4) Cross tubes
  • (2) Wall tubes
  • (2) Corner tubes
  • (4) Wall connectors
  • (4) Corner connectors
  • (8) Panel screw sets
  • Hex key

These parts are ADDED to on existing Lucidium Pen. They will not create an enclosure by themselves. They only work with Clearly Loved Pets Lucidium Pens.

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