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Ruffland Crates


Winter Releases: Whitestone 2.0 & Malibu’s Stylish Return

Welcome Whitestone 2.0: an enhanced opaque white with Slate and Orange Speckles, alongside the much-loved Malibu, returning for a limited time, each kennel accompanied by a matching handle.

Available in Multiple Products:

Both colors, Whitestone 2.0 and Malibu, will be available in Kennels, Top Trays, Water Holes, TossBoss, Water Toppers, and Clean Cuts.

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Clearly Loved Pets ( Morden Crate)

Pets often require enclosures for safety reasons, whether it's a whelping dog, a new puppy, a post-surgical patient, a confused senior, or a mischievous troublemaker. Traditional options like cages, crates, x-pens, kennels, and dog gates are practical but often clash with home decor and can be objectionable. Recognizing that pets are family, and their comfort matters, we sought a kinder alternative. Introducing a stylish, comfortable "bedroom" for your dog—a safe haven that complements your home's aesthetic.

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Premium Ostrich BonePremium Ostrich Bone
Ostrich Flatten Tendon (100g) 5-7piecesOstrich Flatten Tendon (100g) 5-7pieces
Ostrich Long Tendon (40cm+)Ostrich Long Tendon (40cm+)
Ostrich Crispies (85g)Ostrich Crispies (85g)
Ostrich Braided Offal (4 Pcs)Ostrich Braided Offal (4 Pcs)
Ostrich Smoked Sausages (100g)Ostrich Smoked Sausages (100g)
Ostrich Chips (100g)Ostrich Chips (100g)
Ostrich Braided Skin Twist (3 Pcs)Ostrich Braided Skin Twist (3 Pcs)
Ostrich Liver Bites (50g)Ostrich Liver Bites (50g)
Ostrich Smoked Meat Sticks (3pc)Ostrich Smoked Meat Sticks (3pc)
100% Ostrich Meat Premium Cuts (50g)100% Ostrich Meat Premium Cuts (50g)
Ostrich Dust SprinkleOstrich Dust Sprinkle
Ostrich Meaty BiscuitsOstrich Meaty Biscuits
Ostrich Braided Twister (23cm X2)Ostrich Braided Twister (23cm X2)

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At Knine Culture, we believe that taking care of your dog shouldn't break the bank. We offer the BEST QUALITY products at the BEST PRICE in town, because we know that every dog deserves to have the very best. Shop with us and you'll never have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Plus, we're always here to help you find the perfect products for your furry friend, all while saving you money.

Join us and experience the joy of giving your dog the love and care they deserve, at a price that works for you.

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Brain Toy For Dogs

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Pet Accidents Happen..

but cleaning them doesn't have to stink so bad! We’ve all been there, carrying that dripping mound of pee soaked paper towels. And worse yet – feeling that oh so wonderful warmth of a liquidy poo with pungent odor bursting through a stack of toilet tissue, as the breath hold becomes just too unbearable to go on.

It doesn’t have to be this difficult to address those inevitable pet accidents indoors!

Sprinkle & Sweep is a profoundly new approach to pet accident cleanup at home. Simply sprinkle on to naturally deodorize even the stinkiest pet messes, instantly all liquids are solidified, allowing for pee, poo or vomit to be easily swept into a dustpan and disposed.

Leaving zero residue behind, pet relationships intact and your home smelling heavenly!

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