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5 Pet Columbariums and Cremation Services in Singapore

5 Pet Columbariums and Cremation Services in Singapore

Pets hold a unique place in our hearts, offering unwavering companionship, loyalty, and love throughout their lives. When the time comes to bid them farewell, we only naturally want to honor their memory uniquely and meaningfully. In Singapore, several compassionate and dedicated pet columbariums and cremation services provide a final resting place where you can pay tribute to your beloved furry friends. 

This blog will take you through Singapore's top five pet columbariums and cremation services. From tranquil environments to customizable memorial options, these establishments offer a range of choices to ensure your pet's memory is cherished and celebrated. Join us as we explore the unique offerings and heartfelt services these pet aftercare facilities provide, helping you make the best choice for your cherished companion's eternal rest.

5 Pet Columbariums and Cremation Services in Singapore 

Disclaimer: Knine Culture does not support the views or services of any organization mentioned in this article. This is meant to be purely educational, and we recommend readers research thoroughly before engaging in any service. 

mandai pet sanctuary

1. Mandai Pets Sanctuary 

Mandai Pets Sanctuary is a caring and compassionate facility offering pet columbarium services in Singapore. In this particular place, you can lay your beloved pets to rest after crossing the rainbow bridge.

Paying tribute to your beloved pets, Mandai Pets Sanctuary provides a tranquil and peaceful environment within their pet columbarium. They offer vertically stacked niches where you can place urns containing your pet's cremains. As an owner, you can decorate the niches with pictures, meaningful memorabilia, and your pet's favorite belongings. 

To engage their pet columbarium services, here's a simple step-by-step process to follow:

  • Contact Mandai Pets Sanctuary at 6232 6617
  • Choose an urn, either one offered by them or an urn from elsewhere, to place your pet's ashes after cremation.
  • Select your preferred columbarium niche from the available sizes and heights.
  • Place the urn and decorations in the chosen niche.

Mandai Pets Sanctuary's columbarium service charges depend on the niche you choose, and its size and level. Prices are broken down into:

  • Regular-sized niches ($200/year for the first two years, $200/year for subsequent years)
  • Large-sized niches ($300/year for the first two years, $300/year for subsequent years)
  • A one-time administrative fee of $100 and a special price of $100 for eye-level niches (4th-6th level).


2. The Green Mortician

The Green Mortician is a Singapore-based company that delivers respectful and caring services in the unfortunate event of a pet's passing. The company offers one-of-a-kind services by incorporating the concept of aqua cremation, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional flame-based cremation methods.

Aqua cremation, or aquamation or water cremation, is a safe, gentle, and natural process that significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional flame cremation. This cremation method replicates natural conditions that naturally decompose a body, reducing the remains to bone ash. Thanks to technological advancements, this process happens in under 24 hours, producing 20% more ashes than flame cremation and requiring 90% less energy.

Services and Packages

The Green Mortician offers different service packages, each with a transparent, all-inclusive pricing model:

  • ECO-MINI for micro and mini pets at $477(net), including pet pickup, aqua cremation, memorial space with flower arrangements, a bamboo urn, pet 2D paw imprint, and photo set.
  • ECO for all pets from $877-$1077(net), offering the same services as the ECO-MINI package but for larger pets.
  • STANDARD for all pets below 20kg at $1177(net) and LARGE for pets above 20kg at $1377(net), offering a faster return of ashes (between 3-5 days) in addition to the services in the ECO package.

The Green Mortician also provides additional services and "CREMATION ONLY" packages, for which one would need to contact them directly.

nice building

3. Sanctuary Pet Cremation

Sanctuary Pet Cremation is a Singapore-based service that aims to ease the sorrow of losing a beloved pet. They offer a wide range of services built around respect, compassion, and understanding, including: 

  • Private Pet Cremation

Sanctuary Pet Cremation's service offers same-day cremation daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. They have carefully designed spaces such as a reception area, Rainbow Bridge service hall, waiting teahouse, and ash picking room to cater to the different stages of the service, from the collection of your pet to the private pet cremation. The final price varies depending on the breed and weight of your pet.

  • Companion Pet Cremation

For families who prefer their pets not to be alone during their final journey, Sanctuary Pet Cremation offers a "companion pet cremation" service, where your pet is cremated among other pets. The ashes resulting from this service will be scattered into the sea. This service cost is half that of private pet cremation and is only available for animals weighing 40kg or less.

  • Pet Celebrant Service

Sanctuary Pet Cremation also offers additional services that can help commemorate your pet beyond cremation. This includes prayer services facilitated by partner pet funeral celebrants. This dignified farewell can play an essential role in emotional healing.

  • Pet Columbarium

Sanctuary Pet Cremation provides a pet columbarium if you're looking for a final resting place for your beloved pet. They offer both Individual Niches and Companion group Niches, where several urns are placed together in a single, more significant niche. Companion Niche allows your pet to rest alongside other pets and is economically priced.

  • Sea Ash Scattering

The sanctuary offers sea ash scattering wherein your beloved pet's cremated remains are returned to nature. The ashes are regularly scattered at a designated site at the midpoint of Singapore's Pulau Tekong and Pulau Ubin Islands. 

  • Home Visit Euthanasia

In partnership with veterinarians, they provide home visit euthanasia and same-day private pet cremation services, allowing your pet to spend their final moments in a familiar and comfortable environment surrounded by loved ones.

  • Photography and Videography

To help you keep treasured keepsakes of your companion, Sanctuary Pet Cremation also offers professional photography and videography to capture the last journey moments with your beloved pet, creating a beautiful, lasting memory.

bottle by the sea

4. Mobile Pet Cremation Services

Mobile Pet Cremation Services is a Singapore-based pet cremation service that provides prompt and professional services to grieving pet owners.

Their primary services include: 

Pet Cremation

  • Mobile Pet Cremation Services offers two types of cremation options:
  • Common Cremation - Your pet is cremated with other pets.

Private Cremation: Your pet undergoes individual cremation.

The cremation cost is determined by your pet's size and the chosen cremation option. The cremation process typically takes 3 to 5 hours to complete. Same-day cremation is available upon request. Their services include: 

  • The collection of your pet.
  • Arrangements for cremation.
  • Returning your pet's ashes to your home at no hidden cost.

Columbarium Niche

For pet owners seeking a final resting place, Mobile Pet Cremation Services offers a pet columbarium where you can house your pet's remains and remember them with love.

Sea Scattering

For owners who prefer not to keep their pet's ashes or have decided to let go after some time, the company charters a boat to scatter pet ashes out of Singapore Island. This service is available at no additional cost for customers who have cremated their pets with them.

door and candles

5. Rainbow Paradise

Rainbow Paradise, a Singapore-based pet cremation service, provides heartfelt and compassionate pet loss services. Focusing on making the entire process as peaceful as possible for both the pet and the grieving pet parent, all their comprehensive cremation services embody warmth, respect, and utmost care.

  • Private Farewell Room

A serene and calm space for you and your pet where you can say your last goodbyes at your own pace.

  • Pick-up and Transport

They provide careful pick-up and transport services to bring your pet to Rainbow Paradise and will return your pet’s ashes back to you at your home if you'd prefer to keep them. 

  • Dressing and Arrangement

The Rainbow Paradise team do their utmost to arrange your pet to look like they're sleeping peacefully, taking care to present them as beautifully as they can.

  • Complimentary Urns

If you choose to retain your pet's ashes, they offer you a choice of complimentary urns. They also issue a cremation certificate for your records. 

  • Bone Picking Room

Those who would like to personally inter their pet have access to a room specifically for bone picking. 

  • Ashes Scattering

They offer to scatter your pet's ashes at sea, showering them with utmost respect, during dawn to meet the sun if that is your wish.

A Heartfelt Farewell

As we conclude our exploration of Singapore's top five pet columbariums and cremation services, we hope you've discovered the compassion and dedication that these establishments bring to the often-difficult process of saying goodbye to our beloved pets. The unconditional love and companionship our furry friends provide deserve nothing less than a dignified and meaningful farewell.

Each pet aftercare facility offers a unique blend of services, from customizable memorials and serene environments to compassionate staff who understand the depth of your grief. Whether you create a personalized memorial niche adorned with mementos or scatter your pet's ashes in a beautiful natural setting, the options are designed to ensure your pet's memory lives on in your heart.

We understand that saying goodbye to a cherished pet is never easy, but Singapore's pet columbariums and cremation services support you during this emotional journey. They offer the solace of knowing that your furry companion will rest in peace, their memory forever cherished.

As you embark on healing and remembrance, we hope this guide has provided you with the information and insight to choose your beloved pet's eternal resting place. May your furry friends live on in your heart, bringing warmth and love to your memories for years.

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