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6 Best Dog Bakeries in Singapore

6 Best Dog Bakeries in Singapore

As pet owners, we understand that our furry companions deserve nothing but the best, even when it comes to their treats. Singapore has seen a surge in dedicated dog bakeries, each offering a delectable array of canine confections that are delicious and tailored to meet your beloved pup's dietary needs. Whether you have a picky eater, a puppy with allergies, or simply want to pamper your four-legged friend with gourmet delights, you're in for a treat. Join us as we embark on a delightful journey to discover the six best dog bakeries in Singapore, where your furry friend's tail-wagging approval is the ultimate seal of approval.

In this blog, we'll take you on a mouthwatering adventure through the streets of Singapore, where you'll find a delightful range of treats and pastries specially crafted for dogs. From birthday cakes to artisanal biscuits, these bakeries prioritize using wholesome, high-quality ingredients, ensuring that your furry friend enjoys every bite and benefits from the nutrition these treats provide. Whether you're a seasoned pet parent or a first-time dog owner, these dog bakeries have something for everyone. So, grab a leash, call your canine companion, and explore Singapore's six best dog bakeries that will make tails wag and tongues drool!

6 Best Dog Bakeries in Singapore

dog cake

Image Source: Facebook Knibbles Singapore

1. Knibbles Singapore

Knibbles Singapore is a licensed, eco-friendly pet bakery and concept store that offers a variety of high-quality artisanal pet treats, supplements, and barkday cakes, as well as party essentials, toys, and accessories. They focus on producing delicious and nutritious treats for your furry friends while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Main Categories:

Artisanal Pet Treats

Knibbles offers a range of handcrafted, air-dried pet treats in various protein options like chicken, pork, beef, duck, and seafood to suit your pet's preferences and dietary requirements.

K Supplements

Knibbles provides pet supplements that cater to the specific needs of your furry companion.

Customized Cakes & Pupcakes

Celebrate your pet's special day with personalized, delicious barkday cakes and pupcakes made with pet-friendly ingredients.

In-Store Offerings

At their physical store, you can find a treats bar, frozen & raw food options, pet accessories, essentials, supplements, and toys.

cake for dog

Image Source: Facebook Barkday Cake

2. Barkday Cake

Barkday Cake is a Singapore-based online shop specializing in dog-friendly cakes and treats. Barkday Cake celebrates life's moments with you and your pets by offering dog-friendly cakes made with quality human-grade ingredients. 

Barkday Cake offers various types of dog-friendly cakes:

  • Barkcakes: These are general celebration cakes suitable for all occasions. They feature a variety of designs and themes to choose from.
  • Pupcakes: Single-serve cupcakes perfect for your pet or to share with their furry friends.
  • Customs: Fully customized cakes that allow you to personalize aesthetic elements catering to your pet's unique personality and your vision.
  • Bakeboxes: These are mini celebration boxes that include a variety of treats.

Workshops & Events

In addition to providing baked pet treats, Barkday Cake also conducts workshops and corporate events where you can learn how to craft your pet-friendly cake. They also offer private workshops.

Quality & Craftsmanship

All pet cakes at Barkday Cake are prepared from scratch with every order to ensure quality and freshness. They take orders in small batches and handcraft cakes one at a time to avoid compromising on design. They use high-quality, dog-friendly, human-grade ingredients as well as naturally-derived coloring.

dog eating cake

Image Source: Facebook CoBam Cakes

3. CoBam Cakes

CoBam Cakes is a Singapore-based boutique specializing in designer and bespoke dog cakes. Their menu extends an array of selections to give your pampered pooch an unforgettable celebration.

Designer Cakes

Whether it's a birthday, a gotcha day, or a special event, CoBam Cakes offers an assortment of visually enticing and delicious cakes that cater to the unique tastes of dogs. They meticulously create each cake to emulate their passion for crafting the perfect celebration for you and your fur kid.

DogSwag Bags

These themed bags each offer a different combination of treats, chews, toys, and even bandanas to keep your pup entertained and happy.

Balloons and Gifts

To complement their cake offerings, CoBam Cakes carries a variety of balloons and gifts that can elevate the celebration experience. 


CoBam Cakes offers an array of dog-friendly flavors to please the discerning palates of your furry companions.

chocolate cake

Image Source: Facebook Wholesome Paws

4. Wholesome Paws

Wholesome Paws is an artisan pet kitchen and bakery based in Singapore. They create drool-licious yet healthy gourmet meals and treats. All their products use 100% meats and human-grade ingredients in an Animal and veterinary Service (AVS) licensed premise. 

Among their offerings, you'll find a variety of items organized in several categories:

  • Shop by Protein: Choose from different protein sources like chicken, duck, beef, pork, lamb, seafood, and novelty items. Find them over here.
  • Treats: Explore a variety of dog treats, from chews to crunchy, crispy, crumbly, and soft treats. Check their treats section here.
  • Ready-To-Eat Deli: This section provides ready-to-consume cakes, toppers, and treats you can effortlessly feed your furkid. Discover their Deli options here.
  • Daily Meals: They provide two types of meals - frozen raw or gently cooked, catering to different dietary needs. Check out their daily meals here.
  • Supplements: Wholesome Paws also carries healthcare supplements from trusted brands like Wholesome Paws, Adored Beast, Augustine's Approved, FURMENT, and Organic Paws. Take a glance at their supplements here. 
  • Lifestyle: This category features essential items for your pet's day-to-day life, including products from Essential Dog, For Furry Friends, and Melanie Newman. Check out the lifestyle products here.

They also provide free standard shipping for orders above SGD 40 and free express shipping for frozen items for orders above SGD 140.

cake for dog

Image Source: Facebook BarknBakeco

5. BarknBake

BarknBakeco is committed to celebrating everyday moments with your dogs, focusing on their unique health needs and food preferences. They take pride in their variety of customizable cake designs according to your dog's dietary needs.

BarknBakeco offers a delightful variety of cakes and treats, making it the ideal choice for anyone seeking a delicious and healthy treat for their furry friends. 


  • Whole Cakes, Ombre Cakes, Floral Cakes, DogNut Cakes, etc. Cakes are available in various designs, sizes, and themes, each crafted to suit your pet's dietary needs. They also offer last-minute cake options.
  • Funfetti Cakes: These are fun, colorful cakes perfect for celebrations. There's something for every pup's party with options such as Funfetti Dognut Cake with Multi Drizzle and Funfetti Full Flood Tall Cake.
  • 3D Cakes: These cakes have an optional 3D custom clay figurine, providing a special personal touch.
  • Theme Cakes: For those who want to make their dog's special day unique, theme cakes like the Unicorn Cake or the Butt First Cake could be an ideal choice.
  • Pet Face Cakes: You can decorate a cake to look like your pet's face, providing a personal and memorable touch to your celebration.

dog cake

Image Source: Facebook Feed My Paws

6. Feed My Paws

Feed My Paws is dedicated to creating a variety of delicious and healthy treats to make you and your pet's day a little sweeter. Each treat is homemade, using limited ingredients to keep things simple and safe for your pets.

Feed My Paws offers various treats, including baked selections, dehydrated treats, indulgent cakes, cookies, and mooncakes. These treats are crafted to suit dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

Some of their highlighted treats include: 

  • Snowskin Mooncake 2023: Available in variations like MSW Durian, Pork, Beef, Salmon, and Sweet Potato. This is a regular selection with prices starting from $16.90.
  • Duck & Cranberry Snowskin Mooncake (Novel Protein): An allergen-friendly option with novel protein sources.
  • Salmon & Cheese Easy-to-chew Mooncake 2023: A dry treat that both dogs and cats can consume.
  • Pork & Cheese Crunchy Mooncake 2023: Similar to the Salmon & Cheese variant, this one, too, can be enjoyed by both cats and dogs.
  • Pork & Durian Crunchy Mooncake: Specifically crafted to delight dogs.
  • Mid-autumn Special: Custom Face Mooncake Set 2023: A unique mooncake set that can be customized to resemble your pet's face.
  • Herb & Flower Mooncake: A delightful and nutrient-rich treat for rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

Remember, while indulging your pup is a beautiful way to show your love, keeping their overall health in mind is equally important. Always consult your veterinarian to ensure that the treats you choose suit your dog's dietary needs and preferences.

Disclaimer: This article serves solely for reference or informational purposes. Knine Culture is not affiliated with any of the entities mentioned.

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