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Dangers of Leaving Your Dog in a Hot Car in Singapore

Dangers of Leaving Your Dog in a Hot Car in Singapore

Dangers of Leaving Your Dog in a Hot Car in Singapore

Every summer, pet owners in Singapore are reminded of the dangers their furry friends face if left alone in a hot car. Temperatures can rise quickly and dramatically inside vehicles, even with windows opened partially or a sunshade installed. The combination of heat and humidity in Singapore can be especially hazardous to dogs that cannot escape the heat and may suffer from heat exhaustion or even death. In this blog, we’ll discuss the dangers of leaving your dog alone in a hot car in Singapore, the laws and regulations surrounding it, safety tips for when you need to leave your pet inside, emergency preparedness should something happen while you are away, and common misconceptions about dogs and heat.

How Temperature and Humidity Affect Dogs Left in Hot Cars

We often experience hot and humid weather, especially during summer. Unfortunately for our four-legged friends, this extreme heat and humidity can put them in danger when left in a parked car - with temperatures inside the vehicle rising faster than those outdoors.

Heat exhaustion and dehydration can happen very quickly in just 15 minutes, even if the windows are slightly opened or are provided with water. It is important to remember that dogs are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and should never be left inside a parked car alone, as it could be fatal; so even if it's only for a few minutes, always bring your pup with you if you need to step out of the car!

dog in a hot car

Laws and Regulations

In Singapore, leaving a canine friend in your car unattended is not illegal. However, it is strongly discouraged. In hot weather, temperatures can become dangerously high in cars very quickly - putting our furry friends at risk of heatstroke. If your pup must come along for the ride, ensure proper ventilation in the car and make regular stops throughout the journey so they can hop out and get some fresh air.

Also, consider leaving your dog home if you're planning any errands or activities that could take an extended period. These small steps will help ensure a safe trip for your pup while reducing the chance of receiving an unwelcome visit from the authorities.

Safety Tips

Summer temperatures in Singapore can soar to uncomfortable levels - and while that might not be a problem for us, it can quickly become unbearable for our pets. Leaving your dog alone in a hot car is one of the worst things you can do, as this could lead to pet heat stroke and even death.

That's why it's vital to be aware of the following safety tips if you must leave your four-legged buddy in your vehicle:

  • Never leave the windows closed, mainly if there's no sun protection.
  • Use an outdoor thermometer inside the car - if it rises above 32℃, it's time to bring your pup indoors.
  • Ensure you start with a cool car by running the air conditioner for ten minutes before putting your dog inside
  • Always leave plenty of water available so that your furry companion won't go thirsty even after you are gone.

dog alone in the car

How to Check If Your Vehicle is Too Hot Before Leaving Your Dog Inside

For those with furry friends that hit the road, it is essential to ensure that your dog's well-being is considered while traveling. To do this, check if your vehicle is too hot before leaving your pup inside. You can use a thermometer to ensure that the inside temperature of your car matches what is comfortable for your furry companion — check the owner’s manual for exact details.

On an unprepared car on a hot day, temperatures can often reach beyond 39 degrees celsius with the windows cracked, an unusually high and dangerous temperature for canines. In this situation, carefully park in an area providing shade, utilize windshield reflectors and emergency sunshades, or revert to plan B — a pet carrier and air-conditioned vehicle.

Emergency Preparedness Tips For When You Find Your Dog In a Hot Car Unattended

The summer heat can be dangerous for your puppy, especially if they are left in a hot car. It is crucial always to be prepared with essential emergency preparedness tips to ensure your pup's safety. If you find your dog unattended in a hot car, the first thing that should be done is to open all doors and windows of the vehicle to increase air circulation and lower the temperature inside.

Also, try distracting them by offering treats, calling their name, or playing fetch outside the car. Call animal control immediately if too much time has gone by without progress. Ensure you provide precise details about where the vehicle is located and how long it has been there so that help arrives quickly.

dog drooling

Signs of Overheating & Heat Exhaustion

The signs of overheating and heat exhaustion include heavy panting, difficulty breathing, drooling or increased salivation, anxiety, and pacing, changes in behavior (such as agitation or aggression), weakness or collapse, and bright red tongue/gums.

If any of these signs are present, it’s vital to immediately get the dog out of the heat as quickly as possible and cool them down with wet towels around its body. Bring them to the vet directly if they don’t show improvement.

Common Misconceptions About Dogs and Heat

Many people have misconceptions about dogs and heat, believing that they will automatically overheat or be uncomfortable in hot weather. These animals have evolved to cope with hot climates due to the origin of certain breeds. For example, Greyhounds were bred for the open desert and can easily handle the hottest days without issue. All dogs possess some degree of fur insulation, making them moderately more comfortable than humans in warm temperatures as long as adequate hydration is provided.

dog looking sad in the car


Leaving your dog alone in a hot car in Singapore is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. The high temperatures and humidity in the country can quickly lead to heat exhaustion and even death for pets left unattended in vehicles. Pet owners need to take responsibility for the well-being of their pets and ensure that they are not left in hot cars, even for short periods. Instead, pet owners should make arrangements to keep their pets safe and cool while running errands or going on trips. This can include leaving their pets at home, using pet-friendly transportation, or taking them with them and ensuring they are never left unattended in a hot car. By accepting these precautions, pet owners can ensure that their furry friends stay safe and healthy in Singapore's hot and humid climate.



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