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Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Singapore for Your Staycation in 2023

Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Singapore for Your Staycation in 2023

Disclaimer: Knine Culture does not support the views or services of any of the organizations mentioned in this article. This content is intended to be informative and educational. We recommend readers to research thoroughly before engaging any service.

A pet-friendly hotel is a type of accommodation that welcomes guests traveling with their furry companions. These hotels understand the importance of having pets as part of the family and offer various services and amenities to make guests and their pets feel comfortable and welcome. This hotel can provide a great alternative to leaving pets at home or in a kennel while traveling, allowing travelers to enjoy their vacation or trip with their furry friends.

Pet-friendly hotels vary in pet policies, but most allow dogs and cats of various sizes and breeds. Some hotels may have certain restrictions, such as weight limits or a maximum number of pets per room. Some hotels may also require proof of vaccinations or a deposit to cover any potential damages caused by pets. It's essential to research the pet policies of a hotel before booking to ensure that it meets the specific needs of both the guest and their pet.

These hotels often provide a range of amenities to make guests, and their pets feel at home. These amenities may include pet beds, food and water bowls, treats, and pet-friendly room service menus. Many hotels also offer pet-friendly common areas, such as outdoor spaces or designated areas for pets to play and socialize. Some hotels may also provide pet-sitting or dog-walking services for guests who must leave their pets behind for a few hours.

How to Choose a Pet Friendly Hotel in Singapore?

If you're planning a trip to Singapore with your furry friend, choosing a pet-friendly hotel that caters to your pet's needs is essential. Here are some tips to help you choose the right hotel:

1. Check the pet policy

Before making a reservation, check the hotel's pet policy. Some hotels may only allow small pets or restrict the number of pets allowed per room. Knowing the rules is essential to avoid any unpleasant surprises at check-in.

2. Look for amenities

Look for hotels that offer pet-friendly amenities such as pet beds, bowls, and treats. Some hotels may also have outdoor areas where pets can play and exercise. Choosing a hotel that offers these amenities is essential to make your pet's stay as comfortable as possible.

3. Read reviews

Check online reviews from other pet owners who have stayed at the hotel. This will give you an idea of the hotel's level of pet-friendliness and how other pets have fared during their stay. You can also check if the hotel staff were helpful and accommodating towards pets.

4. Location

Consider the hotel's location and proximity to pet-friendly attractions and parks. Choose a hotel near pet-friendly places to walk and explore with your furry friend.

Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Singapore for Your Staycation in 2023

1. Capella Singapore 

woman and girl in a hotel  Image origin : Capella Singapore

Treat your furry companion to a luxurious island getaway at Capella Singapore, a serene sanctuary on Palawan Beach. The hotel boasts a specially curated route for exploration, providing ample space for you and your furry friend to create cherished memories on its spacious grounds.

Indulge your beloved furkid with a pampering Ayurveda Spa retreat. After all the love and companionship they have given you, they deserve to be treated like VIPs. Capella Singapore's exclusive VIP (Very Important Pet) treatment includes a specially curated Addiction Pet Foods welcome pack, making your furry friend feel at home because every furkid deserves the best!

The package includes your choice of accommodation and daily in-room breakfast for two people. You'll also get a complimentary overnight parking spot per room for your stay and access to the hotel's guest benefits and resort activities.

2. InterContinental Singapore

dogs at the hotel

 Image origin : Intercontinental Singapore 

Discover a luxurious five-star experience with your beloved furry companion by checking into a Heritage Suite with Outdoor Porch. Your pet will be pampered with the finest amenities and services, ensuring a comfortable and unforgettable stay. Upon arrival, your furry friend will receive a delightful welcome amenity basket and a plush pet bed to rest and relax. Additionally, they can indulge in gourmet treats and an exclusive pet-friendly menu tailored to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

The Heritage Suite with Outdoor Porch offers a perfect retreat for you and your pet to spend quality time together while enjoying the lush surroundings. You can enjoy the serene ambiance of the outdoor porch while your pet basks in the fresh air and scenic views. With this luxurious suite, you and your pet can indulge in a memorable experience that's both comfortable and indulgent.

Enjoy a pet-friendly staycation with your furry friend that includes a variety of indulgent amenities and services. The package includes a one-night stay in the Heritage Suite with Outdoor Porch, accommodating two adults and one fur kid. You'll enjoy a delicious in-room breakfast and a classic afternoon tea set for two, creating a delightful culinary experience for you and your furry companion. Additionally, you'll receive a $50 net in-room dining credit, providing the perfect opportunity to indulge in the exclusive pet-friendly menu. As a bonus, the package includes one complimentary car park ticket valued at $30, providing convenient and secure parking for your vehicle.

Your furry friend will be delighted with the welcome amenities basket, which includes essentials such as towels, a water bottle, poo bags, wee pads, and playful toys. You'll also enjoy exclusive in-house guest dining offers, enhancing your staycation experience.

3. Parkroyal Serviced Suited Singapore

dogs at resort

 Image origin : Parkroyal Singapore 

Paws at PARKROYAL is excited to offer a paw-fect stay for you and your furry family members during your next extended pet staycation in Singapore. With the exclusive offer, no family member will be left behind.

You can enjoy 10% savings on our Flexible Rate, a complimentary welcome pet hamper, a one-time two-hours pet-sitting service, and a twice-a-week housekeeping service (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays). Complimentary internet access, usage of pool and gym facilities, and one car parking per suite booked (limited to two complimentary tickets daily per suite booked) are also included.

The welcome pet hamper is specially curated to provide your furry companion with everything they need to feel at home, including treats, toys, and hygiene essentials. With the one-time two-hours pet sitting service, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands while you take some time for yourself.

During your stay, you can also take advantage of our complimentary pool and gym facilities, and their friendly staff will provide twice-a-week housekeeping service to keep your suite clean and tidy.

4. Oakwood Studio Singapore

man and dog in the hotel

 Image origin : Oakwood Studios Singapore 

Oakwood Studios Singapore is a pet-friendly serviced apartment that welcomes two pets up to 40 lbs for an additional fee of SGD 15 per pet per night or SGD 300 per pet per month. The property understands the importance of including pets in travel plans and aims to provide guests and furry companions with a welcoming environment.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, guests can relax and enjoy their stay in stylish and modern serviced apartments with the peace of mind that their pets are suitable by their side. The property offers fully equipped apartments that provide a comfortable and safe environment for all guests, including their pets.

Guests must provide proof of current vaccinations and proper licensing by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore at check-in. Pets may be secured in rooms and must be leashed in public areas. Oakwood Studios Singapore is committed to providing the best possible experience for all guests and their furry friends.

When booking your stay with this hotel, you can trust that the pet policy has been confirmed and that no-hassle Pet-Friendly Guarantee will back your reservations. Rest assured that their Canine Concierge will ensure you are assigned to a pet-friendly room so that you can avoid any surprises during check-in.

5. Sofitel Sentosa Singapore

room in Sofitel

 Image origin : Sofitel Singapore 

This resort offers a luxurious and pet-friendly getaway for pet owners looking to spend quality time with their furry friends. The resort boasts over 27 acres of outdoor space surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife, providing a peaceful and private setting.

To ensure pets are treated like royalty, the resort has curated special packages such as the FurKid Retreat, which includes a one-night stay, breakfast, and dinner for two adults, a pet amenity basket by Silversky, and a pet bed and bowl. Guests can also enjoy dining with their pets at Kwee Zeen's alfresco area or in their rooms.

For those looking for an even more indulgent experience, the Royal Furkid Retreat package is the ultimate luxury. This package includes a one-night stay, a dog cruise breakfast voucher on Saturdays for two adults and one dog, dinner for two adults at Kwee Zeen, and a pet amenity basket by Silversky.



Singapore offers a great selection of pet-friendly hotels that cater to your furry friends' needs. Whether planning a staycation or traveling for business, you don't have to leave your pets behind. From luxurious resorts to stylish serviced apartments, there's something for every budget and preference. Remember to consider your pet's needs when choosing a pet-friendly hotel. Look for hotels with designated pet-friendly rooms, nearby parks or walking trails, and pet-friendly amenities. With some research, you can find the perfect hotel that will make your staycation with your furry friend unforgettable. So, pack your bags and get ready to create some pawsome memories with your furry friend!

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