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Why Your Dog Needs A Tug Toy!

Why Your Dog Needs A Tug Toy!

Tug Toys

Dogs need exercise and fun in their daily life. A tug toy is designed to give your dog something to pull.

Tug toys are interactive and are a great outlet for your dog's mental and physical activity. If your dog loves to play tug-of-war, then a tug toy is a great way to encourage this playful behavior.

Benefits of Tug Toys

By playing tug of war, you will strengthen your bond, build trust, relieve stress, and teach your dog how to grip to keep the game going.

Here are some of the reasons why the tug of war is good for dogs:

  • Keeps your dog busy and stress-free:

Tug of war creates a useful distraction for your dog. As your dog gets engaged in a tug, it redirects destructive chewing. When a dog engages in plays like a tug, they are less likely to exhibit behavioral problems.


  • Stimulate your dog's mind:
  • Playing tug will give your dog a great mental stimulation. This game is mentally challenging for your dog. 

    • Increases your dog's confidence:

    Game of tug is a great way to open up some shy dogs. This is a collaborative game that can help dogs build their confidence and help them trust their owners. Winning can also counteract any shy tendencies.

    • Improve the dog's bite inhibition:

    The tug is a great way to teach your dogs to mind their teeth around human hands.

    • A fun and easy way to train:

    When you let your dog follow the rules of tug, it becomes a fun and easy way to get some training. Tug helps increase your dog's impulse control. It's an easy way to reinforce obedience basics. 

    • Teeth and jaw muscle exercise

    Your dog will end up with better dental hygiene just by playing tug toys. Playing tug of war will help your pooch exercise its teeth and jaw muscles.

    • A great bonding activity

    If you are looking for a fun way to bond with your canine pal, tug toys can be a great choice. Tug game is a great way to spend quality time with your dog. The game of tug builds and deepens bonds between dog and owner. It’s a lot of fun for the dog and the owner alike.

    • A fun way to burn pent up energy

    When it comes to exercising your dog, you can never go wrong with a tug game. It is an excellent upper body exercise for your pooch. The tug of war works the muscles of the chest, shoulders, forearms, and core.

  • The tug can be used as positive reinforcement:
  • If your dog enjoys a game of tug, it can be used as a reward for in your next training session. For many dogs, a tug is much more rewarding than dog treats.


    How To Play Tug Of War With Your Pet



    Dogs love tug of war almost as much as we do. They can play it for hours without getting bored.

    Tug of war provides terrific mental and physical exercise for your dog. While playing tug of war, you must ensure that it should be a controlled game. You and your dog should know the rules and parameters of this game.

    So, what is the “right way” to play Tug of War? Let's have a look:

  • Teach a release command
  • Teach your dog a release command before you begin playing tug of war. This will help you to stop or pause the game when required. 

    • Choose a toy: 

    One of the most crucial things is to get a good tug toy for your dog. Tug toys made of bungee material make great tugs. Many people like using tug toys with handles. 

  • Pick a spot
  • Play in a large and safe area without many distractions. It can be played both indoors and outdoors.

  • Teach your pup how to play:
  • Teaching your dog to play tug of war is easy. You need to get your dog excited about the game.

    • Get your dog to grab the tug. Always use the same verbal cue, for example, "Get it", when you want your pooch to grab the tug toy.
    • Teach your dog to drop the tug on cue. Practice the release cue every few minutes while playing this game.
    • You must enforce the basic rules of tug of war with your dog.

    • Initiate the game

    You should be the one to initiate a game, not your dog. You must always be in control and make the rules. Only play if you can get your dog to release the tug toy and sit at any time.

    • Take breaks

    Mix in short breaks while playing the tug of war. Ask for a sit, down, stand, down commands. Then restart the game as a reward. If you feel that your canine pal is getting too excited or intense, just take a break.

    While playing tug of war, your furry friend might begin growling. Remember that if the game goes too far, it can result in injury. The rules must be followed and the game should always be supervised. 

    Winning builds confidence. It is fine to let your dog win, as a reward, while playing tug of war. Letting your dog win a game of tug will make it more enjoyable and satisfying for your four-legged pal.

    Pro Tip: Dogs with dental issues should not play tug without consulting the vet.

    Tug with our Toys 

    Are you looking for tug toys that are durable and last a lifetime? K9 Culture offers tug toys that are tough enough to withstand the pull of all dogs. Apart from being robust, these toys are absolutely safe for use with your furry friend.

    K9 Culture offers fur tug toys made with rabbit and sheepskin. You can purchase these tug toys from the online K9 culture website.

    Ready to get started? There are a lot of tug toys to choose from and your dog will definitely like them. Let’s look at a few good tug toys that you can start enjoying tug with your dog:

    • These tug toys are made with real rabbit skin. 
      • Rabbit Skin Chaser Tug with Squeaker: It comes with an extra-long cushioned handle and a soft, generously sized bite area. This comfortable and durable tug toy is a combination of rabbit fur and squeaker.
      • Rabbit Skin Tug: It comes with a cushioned handle that offers excellent comfort and grip. This tug toy is durable and perfectly portable.
      • Rabbit Skin Chaser Tug: It comes with an extra-long cushioned handle.
      • Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker: It comes with a cushioned handle that is strong and comfortable. This pocket-sized tug toy is perfect for puppies and small breeds.

    • These tug toys are made with real sheepskin. 
      • Little Tuggers - Sheepskin Bungee Tug: This compact tug toy is ideal for puppies and small breeds. The bite area is made from British sheepskin.
      • Sheepskin Bungee Ring: The compact tug toy is made from real British sheepskin. The looped bungee handle is easy to hold and grab.
      • Pocket Magnet: This pocket-sized tug toy is made of soft real sheepskin and a short-but-stretchy bungee handle.

    • Shock-cord tug toys
      • Bungee Handle Extra Long: This extra-long bungee tug toy has a comfortable grip. The handle is made with two strands of climbing-grade shock cord. It lets you attach your dog's favorite toy for tugging.
      • Bungee Handle: This tug toy has a comfortable grip and made with two strands of climbing-grade shock cord. It lets you attach your dog's favorite toy for tugging.

    Despite the different designs and materials, these tug toys have one thing in common: "They all are great for tugging."

    No matter which tug toy you choose, they all have these aspects:

    • Made with high-quality materials
    • Comes with an easy-to-grip shape for your pooch
    • Comes with a great handle for you to hold
    • Comes in multiple colors 

    These tug toys are comfortable for you and entertaining for your furry friend! They help in strengthening your dog's teeth and provide a good jaw workout. If you allow your furry pals to chew, these tug toys will still last a long time. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Your dog deserves only the best! All dogs need something to chase after, bite, or chew. For all this, tug toys would be the ideal solutions.

    Enjoy tug of war with your dog because playtime is always fun!

    Do you play tug of war with your dog? Does your pooch love tug? Share your experience with us and let us know in the comments!

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