The Original - Gentle Dog Toys

Size: Small
Style: Orange/Yellow
Sale price$24.99


The Original was the first K9Connectable in the range and still one of the best! 

  • Two round bouncy balls that can connect together and all other K9Connectables of the same size
  • Stuff with bone shaped Puzzle Treats and your dogs own food and treats
  • 2x of the easiest challenge levels for starter level mental stimulation 


Materials & Toughness

The Gentle Range of K9Connectables dog toys are made from a durable non toxic TPE. The Gentle range is suitble for light to average chewers and is a 3/5 on the toughness scale. Please remember your dogs safety and always supervise play


All K9Connectables toys can be cleaned with a little dish soap and warm water. Alternatively the toys are dishwasher safe in the top rack on a medium temperature

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