Clearly Loved Pets FAQ


Do all the pens come with a walk-through door?


Yes. All of the pens have the same door, and you are able to walk through it. If it seems like you can't, your pen might be upside down. Here is video that shows how the door works. Check to make sure that the hinges of the door are on the left side.


Do you have an assembly video?


Yes.  Here is a link to our assembly video. 


Is the pen sturdy?


Yes. Here is a link to our assembly video.  Around the 10 minute mark you can see how the door works and then the pen is picked up, which gives a good feel for the structure. I hope this helps!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Do the Panels scratch?

The panels are scratch resistant because acrylic is inherently scratch resistant, but they are not "hard coated", which would make them very scratch resistant (and cost twice as much).  If your pup is scratching away, the panels will scratch.  Although this is a very common concern, it has not turned out to be a problem for most customers.  If the panels do get scratched, they are fairly hard to see.  In addition, panels are replaceable if needed.


What size pen should I get?


Medium is the size we generally recommend.  It is important to consider the size of your pet, but it is even more important to consider the amount of time they will be in the pen.  If your pup will be in there for normal working hours, we recommend a medium (or large) to give as much space as possible for them to move around, have a bed, maybe a teepee, basket of toys, water bowl, and maybe pee pad.  If it will be for shorter periods of time or just bedtime, then the small should be fine.

Lots of people live in small city apartments/condos so space and budget are a factor as well.  Keep in mind you can always get a smaller size and then add a Universal Kit to make it bigger or change the configuration later if needed.  This costs a bit more than getting the larger size to start with, but then again you might not end up needing it.  


How does the Universal Kit work?


Universal Add-on Kits are available in both 27” and 36” heights, and all colors to match our Lucidium Pens. The kit will allow you to expand your existing pen by 2 feet in one direction OR create a 2ft x 2ft Bump-out. It makes a Small Pen into a Medium Pen, or a Medium Pen into a Large Pen. You can even make a Large Pen bigger.


Do you make custom size pens?


We are sorry to let you know that we do offer custom sizes.  However, our pens come in 2 heights and three sizes.  The medium and large pens both have two configuration options so they will work in many different spaces.  To further customize your pen, add a universal kit, which will greatly increase your configuration options.


How much do they weigh?


The pens vary in weight depending on size and height as follows:


27”/69 cm Height

S ~ 35 lbs/16 kg

M ~ 40 lbs/18 kg

L ~ 45 lbs/20 kg


36”/ 91 cm Height

M ~ 50 lbs/23 kg

L ~ 60 lbs/27 kg



What are the box dimensions?


27 – 30” x 29” x 8”

36 – 39” x 29” x 8”


27 – 76 cm x 73 cm x 19 cm

36 – 99 cm x 73 cm x 19 cm


What is the acrylic panel thickness?


Walls – 0.093” (3/32”) 2.5 mm

Door  - 0.220” (almost ¼”) 5.5 mm


How do I clean the pen?


The pens can be cleaned by using ammonia-free Windex to clean the panels, which is usually sold in the grocery store next to the "regular" Windex.  Products containing ammonia can cause the acrylic to become cloudy over time.  Alternatively, a water (3 parts) and vinegar (1 part) mixture also works very well and can be used on both the panels and the tubes.  The tubes can also be cleaned with warm water and a bit of soap.




Is it right for my large-breed puppy?


Our pens are for small to medium breeds weighing up to 40 lbs and all puppies, however there are some things to consider with large-breed puppies.  Your large-breed pup may be able to jump out of the pen within just a few months. Some dogs love their pen, and they don't jump out even when they can because it is their bedroom, and this is especially true when they grow up with the pen.  Others don't want to be in a pen, and they will try to jump out even if they are comfortable in the space.  Also, please consider the weight recommendations – many large-breed pups will quickly be heavy and if they jump on the wall, it could break and we never want a pup to get hurt.


We love all dogs big and small, but since your pup will grow quickly, our product may not be the right fit because it is expensive and not made for large breeds.  Just so that you know, our return policy is, "unassembled, unused and in original packaging."   


How can I help my pet get used to the pen?

Here are some tips for acclimating your pet to their new space:


  • Keep the door open as much as possible so the pen seems like a bedroom and pets can go in and out when you are home.
  • Sit inside the pen with your pup and play.
  • Place your pets’ favorite things in the pen so they want to go in.
  • Tire out your furbaby before putting them in the pen with a long walk and some cuddle time.
  • Get your pet things to chew on (which you might or might not want to leave in the pen while you are gone - a Kong is probably ok, but maybe not an antler - for example).
  • If your pet is feeling stressed and you have a small/medium pen, consider making it bigger if this is a possibility.  When pups have more space, they tend to be less stressed. Plus, they just have more room to move around and have a little play area.  It is nice when there is a bed, a basket full of toys, and space to play.



Can they be made into a gate or a fence?

Unfortunately, no. Our pens are designed with interconnected parts and so they must be set up as a complete pen; they can’t be made into a gate or a fence. 


Is it difficult to assemble?

The pen comes with an instruction manual and there is also an assembly video on our website and YouTube.  Here is a link so that you can get a feeling for the process.  


It is not that difficult to assemble but it is a bit time consuming. Once you do the first section or two, then the process just repeats.  The 36" height pens are more difficult than the 27" height because of the size and weight.  The screws on the 36" height pen are harder to reach, so having two people helps.  But if you don't have a second person, it is possible to assemble it alone.


Do you have any suggestions for flooring?

There are many different options for very cute flooring. Options vary depending on if you need to protect your floor from accidents or if you are looking for style and comfort.  Here are some suggestions:


  1. An area rug. These can be purchased so that they fit inside the pen, or so they have a margin around the outside.
  2. A washable rug such as the ones made by
  3. Vinyl Flooring that looks like a carpet. There are many options on Etsy.
  4. Children’s foam play mats (be careful because your pup might chew these if they are teething).
  5. Washable puppy pee pads.


Can it be used with babies?


Definitely not.  The process for establishing safety in children’s products is extensive and our products are not designed for this use.  Please do not use this product with a baby, toddler, or any other human.


Do you have any recommendations for taking the pen apart and moving/storing?


Here are a few recommendations for protecting your pen during moving and storage:

  • try to place something between the panels - paper or a towel will work well.
  • be careful with the aluminum tubes because the ends can be sharp, and they will scratch each other if allowed to roll around
  • don't use tape (packing tape or duct tape) to secure things because the adhesive is exceedingly hard to remove from acrylic, aluminum, and plastic. Use plastic wrap/shrink wrap instead.
  • be careful not to twist the panels because this can cause them to crack.
  • place all your screws together and secure them with the other parts. It is very common for the screws to be misplaced and lost during a move.



What size is the hex key used for securing the bolts?